Hello all,
I was just wondering if anyone has or is sitting on a lease from ILG. Were being offerd 3,000 + 15%. I know there has been several others offerd this and maybe sitting on this. My question is does anyone know anything about this company? Looked on the web for any testamonials about this company, and are they offering anymore to anyone else. Were located five miles east on sr.556 towards clairington. Any info would be appreciated.

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Where are their offices located?  That is a name I have not recognized from this site to date.



The company will answer questions at the Brown Community Ctr. In Woodsfield, but it is mostly to sign up. I brought home a blank lease yesterday, and I am still going through it. But if it works as well as they make it sound, there is alot of money in my property. Still debating? ILG energy  can be found online, but not as much info as I would like to see there. I believe they are out of Pittsburgh PA
I also went and got a copy of that lease. $3000 per acre and 15.5% royalty. Looking over it myself but by no means an expert. My property is in Monroe co in Jackson township. Was wondering what everybody else thought of this lease? 

I personnaly feel that I cant go wrong! NO expert either, but in my situation the sign on bonus is enough to entice me. We are going to sign up on Saturday!


For what it is worth, don't jump into anything without doing your homework thoroughly.  Read all fine print because if it sounds too good to be true.....you know the rest.  Best of luck!



You can go very wrong id the lease terms are bad.  Do you want a five acre processing plant on your property running 24/7 with trucks coming and going at all hours? Or how about a ten acre storage pond full of tainted water off-gassing all summer long?


Know what you are signing before you sign.

Is this a third party lease?

Where is Pgh is this located?


I hope it isn't what I think it is.....


If so, I can give you all type of info....

What info do you have? They are land flippers I read on here

ILG is a professional land agent hired by large customer(s) to manage acquisition, bundle and complete vetting of mineral rights leases.  The value of a large acreage that has been vetted is more valuable and marketable.  Given the scope of what ILG is offering so many land owners  (double of what WishgardLLC was offering (small time version of ILG imo), they are backed by major and paid for the tedious task they have ahead. From what I've read they do not freelance. 

 I'm guessing a well organized, well managed land group can do better than what ILG is offering.  I'm also suspecting a poorly organized managed group will do worse.

And do you know this company or lease. Or are you speculating like everybody else?
This is a bad lease !!!!
Why do you think this is a "bad" lease. Not arguing just would like to see your points.


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