Immediate concern: Don't just sit there: Obamacare TAX on Royalty income. 6 days left.

Obamacare TAX on Royalty income- just one of the Obamacare tax hikes. Maybe the last ever chance to stop it.

Surtax on Investment Income (Takes effect Jan. 2013): A new, 3.8 percent surtax on investment income earned in households making at least $250,000 ($200,000 single).

Where is NARO on this?  Where is United Shale-USA on this? People you need to save yourselves.  Grass roots yourself and stop settling for organizations to do everything or nothing for you.  We saw how one of Corbett’s latest laws slipped through the cover of darkness affecting royalty owners, and then there’s Obamacare.   This may be the last chance opportunity to stop it.   All Republican Senators need to jump on board with Senator Ted Cruz.  You need to contact them.  No more fraudulent Republicans.  Call them today and encourage them to grow a spine.

Please read below and visit

passing this on.........:

Fellow Conservatives:

This is an urgent update on the fight to stop funding Obamacare.

Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and John Cornyn (R-TX) -- the top two Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate -- announced yesterday that they will support "cloture" on the government funding bill, giving Harry Reid and the Democrats a procedural green light to fund Obamacare with only 50 votes.

Breitbart News is reporting that McConnell and Cornyn are using their leadership positions to pressure other Republicans to oppose Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) in their effort to defund Obamacare.

According to a senior staffer quoted in the news report, "Nobody is fighting harder to make sure Obamacare is funded than Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn."

This is the ultimate betrayal.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Senate Republicans to Stand With Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, Not Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn

We knew Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn weren't with us when they voted to fund Obamacare earlier this year. But then, under pressure from grassroots, they said they supported the effort to defund it. They even ran political ads in their home states to make voters think they were on their side.

But now, faced with the prospect of having to fight for the things they claim to believe, these Senate leaders have surrendered.

Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn have surrendered to Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and the Democrats. More importantly, they have surrendered to Obamacare -- the biggest job killer in America.


We can't let these turncoats force millions of Americans into this liberal train wreck.

Obamacare is unaffordable, unworkable, and it's unfair.

Please contact the other Republican senators -- even if they aren't from your state -- and urge them to OPPOSE cloture so the Democrats can't fund Obamacare.

You can find the list of senators at  along with their contact information and where they currently stand on this issue.

It's very important for you to call senators today and urge them to stand with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in the fight to stop funding Obamacare.


Time is running out. Obamacare begins in just one week. We must act now.

This country belongs to us, not the politicians in Washington. Let's make sure they hear us loud and clear.


Best regards,

Matt Hoskins

Executive Director

Senate Conservatives Fund

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So is Democrat Party akin to Republic Party?

With out debating if Obama Care is good or bad. Does anyone wonder why the larger insurers and larger healthcare companies are buying up smaller ones at an incredible rate. If my business was at risk of declining profits I would diversify or sell out, not grow even bigger. We already found health insurance on the so called NOT very "open market" at near 50% of the cost that our employer offers in their group rates. Many employer offered insurance plans offer their employees insurance but the employee pays 100% of the cost. Many stick with their current employer because of pre existing conditions that prevent them from using the open market or shopping for a better job and having to wait for the new employers once a year open enrollment. The current system does not give many folks a true choice for their health care insurance. It is not a free market system. The chips are stacked for the insurers and the providers and of course they don't want the system changed at all. We all should have demanded open market healthcare choices decades ago and we would not be in this rediculas spot today. Why is the only debate to leave us in the crappy state of over priced health care insurance we have or Obama Care. Today the subsidized poor, the very wealthy and those lucky enough to still have good employer subsidized plans are the only ones that think the current system is good. The good employer plans are going south, what does that leave. This argument hasn't had any give and take, only all or nothing. Many aspects of our health care need fixed. Can the house or senate please offer any alternatives because the all or nothing is going to leave most with the nothing.

Wake up Wake up !  Obama care has nothing to do with helping poor people,it's all about money ! Who do you know that went to a emergency room and got turned down ?  you can't change yesterday ! ( Watch what you do today ) Give Obama more money won't  change anything .

OK Mr. Factpants,

What does plunder mean to you?

Fact or opinion?:" When Democrats vote they are thinking about taking other people money".

I would love to see a Lie detector test discern the intentions of a sample of 1000 Dem voters.

So are you suggesting Republicans vote with the intention of "giving other people money?"

Mr. Decker,

Facts don't always tell the whole story by themselves.  You do present a set of facts, but my statement above speaks to human behavior.  I'm asking you if this statement is fact or opinion:  "Democrats and the far Left vote with the intentions of taking (confiscation, stealing, looting) other peoples money without their consent."

You see when human behavior repeats itself over and over again, perhaps those circumstances eventually become fact.  

Merely presenting a fact is not the same as winning a discussion.

Mr. Decker,

Try having a think for yourself discussion without having to run to Wikipedia for all your responses.

Maybe the college library is closed.

Since the president is now even considering delaying the individual mandate for a year maybe he'll also consider dropping the Obamacare (royalty) tax hikes a year. I wonder if Kathleen is still able to tuck her kids in at night feeling a little better while cancer patents are reportedly getting letters about losing their healthcare coverage, and others are reportedly having to pay rates they can't dream of affording.  Care to chime in Kathleen?  Just curious.


If a cancer patient had any of those policies, they would be in bankruptcy court (caps, no hospitalization, no prescription coverage) by now and would have had their policy dropped by the insurer during the next renewal period.


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