Increase in property tax as a result of inclusion in a drilling unit?

Has anyone who is included in a drilling unit been subject to an increase in property taxes?  If so, how much of a percentage increase was levied?  Please identify which state you are in.

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 My property taxes have not went up yet but the lease that I signed protects the landowner from paying the increase. Any property tax increase will be paid by the o/g company.


Are you receiving royalties yet ?

As Fang stated, the taxes are based on royalties.

Craig, Have you been put into a production unit and do you think it will increase your tax liability in Trumbull County when you are?  That is the question on this post I believe. 

How is the amount of these taxes determined in Ohio. I just got an "extra bill" with my property taxes. there was no explanation and I couldn't figure out how they are calculating


Call the County Auditor.


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