Does anyone have an update on the Marchand Unit in North Mahoning Township.  One unit is producing and four additional permits are on the books.

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I believe Consol is planning on further delineating the northern most reaches of the "core" Utica using the Marchand Pad.  I've attached a recent document depicting the location and direction of this proposed Utica well.  Maybe the member "farmgas" will see this post and expand upon this thread as he is knowledgeable about this pad and geographic area.

Hope the attachment answers some of your questions.


Thanks lettijack...hope you are having a great day!   Rob,  are you from the Northern Indiana county area?  From what I have heard, the upcoming Utica well to be drilled on the Marchand pad should be sometime in August or September.  The production results from this well should mean either great things for the area or not, as far as Utica gas production goes.   XTO Energy also has plans to drill a Utica well on it`s Winslow pad in Jefferson County, just south of Reynoldsville.   Positive results here, too, should mean more Utica & Marcellus drilling is coming to this area.  These are two wells to watch for in the coming months.  Have you heard of any other drilling prospects for this area?   How about new pipelines coming to this area?  Thanks, Rob!


Thanks for the insight. We are part of the Marchand Unit, 1st lateral SE. Hoping to find out which way the forthcoming legs will head off of the pad.


Sounds good for you, Rob...looks like more drilling to come for the Marchand pad.   Does the document provided by lettijack help to identify the upcoming Utica well direction?   Will you be impacted by it, too?  It goes to the SE from the pad.   Any other wells planned for the Marchand pad?  Will new pipelines be laid for the new well?  Best of Luck!




     Do you know if the current lateral is called the southwest and if the next leg will be called the southeast. The current lateral only picks up 5 acres of more than 100 acres of my property. I am not aware of any planned pipeline activity to or from this pad site. How is CNX sending their current production from the Marchand Pad to market.


Rob - I`m not aware of Consol`s lateral descriptions.  From the map it shows the lateral going in a SE direction which seems to be similar to the Marcellus Shale lateral.  Consol should be able to give you the information you are seeking.   If this well meets with their objectives for production then additional wells will be drilled which may include more of your property.   My understanding is that the Marchand well gas is transmitted through a pipeline towards the Dominion compressor station off Rte. 210. 


Would be able to send the lateral mapping or perhaps direct me to the location where you saw that particular map.

Thank you

Rob, were you able to click on the attachment in lettijack`s first reply to you?  It will show the layout of the new Utica well.   If not, I will send additional information to you.


     Sorry, I did not realize the obvious. Yes, it is a very nice map. We should be represented with about 65 acres or more in this unit. Let's hope all goes according to plan and CNX hits a good seam.  

Hi Rob - 65 acres, that`s great news for you!   Has Consol advised you when they plan to drill?   A great Utica well in that area will mean good things to come in the future.  Please keep us informed.  Thank you...

Hello Rob -  Any news when Consol will drill their next well?


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