Does anyone have an update on the Marchand Unit in North Mahoning Township.  One unit is producing and four additional permits are on the books.

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Well flow back/flare started yesterday evening! 

That's got to be a spectacle at night!

Beautiful Orange Flames!

Interesting that they are flaring this.. do they not have infrastructure built out to currently take this to sales? Just doesn't make sense that they would flare this well.

Blueflame - the take away pipeline is being built now after completion of the well.  Have you listened to the webcast for the recent analysis & investors meeting?   It would be interesting to read your comments after you listen to it.  Particularly listen to the Development portion of the webcast.

Awesome. Good to see they'll be able to get that gas out of there soon.

I had a chance to listen to listen to the operations and development section. I still think they are in the infancy of CPA Utica. I tend to believe them when they say that the SWPA utica is probably more faulted. I think we all need to see more data though when it comes to the PA utica before we hang our hats on the successes. Looking at slide 39, the stacked Utica could be a game changer for the basin but at the same time, everyone thought the stacked Marcellus/Upper Devonian was the next Permian and that hasn't panned out so far.

In the development section, they stated they are looking for 14-18 months of flat time. The difference between 14 and 18 months at 25 MMcf/d (Aikens 5M) is almost 3 Bcf of gas.. that can drastically change the EUR per 1000ft.

I think it was back in the Q&A or Cone Midstream section that they acknowledge CPA is in the infancy stage.   In particular, the infrastructure needs developed.  More pipelines needed to take away the gas either to the north or to the south.  Pipelines seem to be the hang up to a more rapid drilling program.  XTO is also in the area too planning to drill Utica wells.  The stacked pay for the 3 Utica zones seems to be the game changer for CPA vs SWPA.  Agreed??

CNX also published a slide deck last night that shows Marchand 3M well logs in a graphic. Hopefully someone will chime in who can interpret them. Thanks also stated the Utica/Pt Pleasant/Lexington interval(s) is 300' thick there, and that the Utica type curve of 3.5 Bcf/1000' EUR is applicable to their newly designated North Central PA zone of which Marchand is a part.
The extreme pressures of a Dry Utica well can bump other wells off-line when it gets TIL, if there isn't another dedicated high-pressure gathering system, is also something CNX just said. Yet my understanding is that EQT last year laid in an additional 20" pipeline alongside an existing line (without having to go through a new FERC approval process, somehow) deep into Armstrong Co. Perhaps there's takeaway capacity that's crept up on cat's paws while things were slowed down, IOW that isn't widely known.
What also seems interesting that the performance of the Aikens wells is above CNX's regional EUR target, and that Marchand gamma signal looks as if it may be better still.

Spike`s KIn -  What is a gama signal and how does it relate to these gas wells?    Any news of CNX putting in new pipelines in Indiana or Jefferson counties?  A new pipeline is being installed for the Marchand well now.

If I've got it right, slide 29 of their Analyst's Day deck from Mar 14 is a graphic that shows the strength of either
A). the gamma they detect on the fly to guide the drill bit steering (Gamma is the radioactive decay of isotopes found in the gas-bearing layers)
or B).When core drilling and sampling, as they did on Marchand 3M before drilling the top hole/vertical part, they also have an actual intact plug to run sections through a mass spectrometer to sample the total organic content (TOC). Not sure which of these data this is but the far right hand bar of color in the graphic looks pretty wild. (They've not compared it to the Aiken or Gaut though, which fact escaped me in my earlier comment)
The plat for the well might offer clues to the diameter of the gathering pipe and what it connects to... This might have been amended for "As Drilled" if you go looking for it via the top of this long thread


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