Does anyone have an update on the Marchand Unit in North Mahoning Township.  One unit is producing and four additional permits are on the books.

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It appears that the IPs for both of these wells a drastically different than the Aikens 5J and 5M which averaged 25,000 mcf/day under restricted choke.  Keep in mind the Gaut 4IH IP was over 61,000 mcf/d.  One might also find it interesting how little central PA is mentioned in CNX's latest investor presentation....

Also, for well to well comparison purposes, we may never know the Marchand/Utica choke percentage. A little or a lot. Or, if it is even being used at all.

How does choke percentage affect gas flow?  Does more restriction mean less flow?  How about pressure?

Anything new with the Marchand well?  New pipeline yet?   Is the well producing gas?

Quote from Consol Q2 18 Transcript.

Now, moving on to the deep dry Utica, in March, we turned-in-line the Marchand 3M, a delineation well in our CPA North region located in Indiana County, PA. The Marchand 3M is about 15 miles northeast of our prolific Gaut and Aikens wells in the Mamont area of the CPA South region.

The well currently flows into existing CPA gathering infrastructure and additional delineation wells are planned in CPA North, and infrastructure expansion has been deferred until more wells are drilled and midstream sizing can be properly addressed from an economic and NAV view.


On the Marchand, there's been some public data put out there, but I would take into consideration that some of that public data that's out there was during our testing. So the rates vary a little bit. That well is producing into an existing system, and when we turn that well in line, prior to turning it in line, we were able to find some additional capacity on existing infrastructure. And when we considered that additional capacity along with the timing of future delineation wells, the right decision at the time, from a capital allocation and NAV standpoint, was to defer the midstream expansion until we drill some future wells.

And I know that raised – I'm sure raises some questions on well quality; are we going to drill more up there? And I will just tell you that we have more delineation wells planned in CPA North. And most likely, we will drill more wells off of the Marchand pad. So, that should tell you something about what we think of that area.

This sounds like good news for the Marchand area and CPA-North in general.   Any guess where the next Utica well will be drilled in CPA-North?   Could the lower well production be the result of restrictions from the  gathering piping system already in place?   Any thoughts?

I believe this well is doing just fine. I think the Quarter million dollar fine CNX got here, was the biggest setback to this site. When you are sitting above a stocked trout stream you better take extra good care of your operation.

I would take those statements from CNX with a grain of sand. Would you expect them to tell their shareholders that effectively thousands of leasehold acres will no longer be explored for? Would probably ding their market cap a bit.

Very possible he's telling the truth but these companies always protect their bottom line first and foremost. Now if we see major leasing in the area then you know somethings up.

Understand your point, however, would a major gas company intentionally lie to the public and their investors?   There probably won`t be much new leasing in the area since most every parcel is being HBP.   There could be some swapping though between gas companies.  Where would one find information about new leasing?   Is that information public news?

Search  CNX GAS at.

Login as guest. Click accept. Click search public records. Search Name CNX GAS. Click Search top right. Any time you search a person, you write the last name first than the first name. You can see what is going on in this area months before you see anything in the field.


I would not use the term 'intentionally lie' when describing their stated performance and direction in an investor presentation......BUT.....

Having said that, much of the information given in these presentations is a "proforma" statement (read 'prediction' or 'best case scenario'), meaning that if all goes according to plan, this is what we expect to produce in revenue and profit.

Sometimes they are right, but sometimes, they are wrong. There are many factors in the NG game, and no one seems to have it all together all the time.

After several months of production numbers to evaluate this well has reached 160,116 Mcf for July. Production is on the increase for the past 3 months. What does this tell us? The XTO Winslow 6HU well just 8 miles away in Jefferson County produced 328,847 Mcf in July and 406,194 in June. Are both wells still being managed to learn their potential?


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