Infrastructure upgrades anticipate industry rebound (Albuquerque Journal)

By Kevin Robinson-Avila / Journal Staff Writer
Monday, October 26th, 2015 at 12:02am

New Mexico’s oil and gas industry may be in the doldrums now, but state and economic development officials are laying the groundwork for a rapid comeback when markets improve.

Gov. Susana Martinez released a new energy plan for New Mexico in September that calls for broad infrastructure development in the state’s Permian Basin in the southeast and the San Juan Basin in the northwest to facilitate oil and gas development. That includes road improvements, new pipelines to transport crude and natural gas, and possibly a new 100-mile rail line running from Interstate 40 in Gallup to Farmington. It also calls for state efforts to encourage natural gas exports to Mexico, with new pipelines to move fuel to the industrial zone in Santa Teresa along the border for shipment southward.

The plan – the state’s first such comprehensive policy outline in at least 25 years – calls for an “all of the above” strategy for energy development statewide, including promotion of renewable energy. But it recognizes the central role the oil and gas industry plays in New Mexico’s economy, providing about a third of the state’s annual revenue, said Daniel Fine, associate director of the Center for Energy Policy at the New Mexico Institute for Mining and Technology .

FINE: Exports a priority for development

FINE: Exports a priority for development

“It’s based on recognition and support of the oil and gas industry as the core of the energy sector in New Mexico,” said Fine, who served as project leader for developing the state plan. “The policy helps prepare us for future recovery in the fuel price cycle, which will come back in a few years.”

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what does New Mexico have to do with the Marcellus or Utica

For the midstream companies in the Utica and Marcellus interested in doing some new business in New Mexico? Much opportunity in New Mexico with Governor Martinez new energy plan...

You should check it out on the New Mexico EMNRD website

Most midstream companies have business going on all over the world New Mexico is just another area they are working in and New Mexico has nothing to do with the Utica or Marcellus

All things pertaining to the Marcellus & Utica Shale

I'd say it's interesting to consider it in terms of the bigger picture.  See what New Mexico is doing to plan for the rebound of oil and gas, compare to what Ohio is doing for the rebound of oil and gas, what they should/should not be doing, etc.

Seems to me what's happening in New Mexico is what also ought to happen in Ohio.

IMHO, more and broad infrastructure development in these 'market doldrums' also makes sense for Ohio as well. And it will take legislative support for it to happen.

Ohio ought to take a clue.

The Natural Gas and Oil market isn't confined to New Mexico. These are the United States of America and we've also the Natural Gas and Oil Market and development in common.

Thanks for your insightful post Mr. Perkins.

Wish us luck.

Standing by for updates.

All only IMHO as it always is.

I agree we should not be divided or isolationist! Who would disagree that the energy producing states are all in this together especially during the oil price war with OPEC? My opinion is that the states and grassroots is where the real work has to be done and not in DC. Look at how long we have waited for a national transportation bill from inside the beltway--are they not debating it tonight-? New Mexico is a good example of an oil and gas rich state finely after 25 years of not having a plan now has a great Governor who has put together a comprehensive energy policy that translates into a stronger economy and jobs for all. Why can't the same be done in Ohio or Pennsylvania?

We're on the same bus Mr. Perkins.

However I think DC needs to cease stone-walling and start cooperating with and nurturing Pro Natural Gas and Oil Onshore Development including bolstering and protecting landowner Rights of ownership.

Actually that needs to occur at all levels of government IMHO.

Good luck to all of us - I think we need it.


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