We are wondering if companies are still leasing in jefferson county. We have land in the Bergholz area and was wondering what some of the offers were for that area. We are just a couple of small land owners who are looking for information. Any input would be appreciated.

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Yes there is current leasing in Jefferson County....Being very selective, but EQT and EXCO active in the area.


Marcella, I'm surprised EXCO is active in Jefferson County. Do you know which part of Jefferson County?   Is this just recent?  I had heard they went up to Tioga County until they felt the price of gas was high enough.  Do they have infrastructure?  Would appreciate any info.

If anyone is leasing in southern Jefferson Oounty Ohio .Mt Pleasant area please let me know also.

Thanks for the info. Do you any idea what the terms were?

I have 50 acres in southern jefferson county if anyone is leasing.

Acreage is leased immediately all around the people in Warren, Wells, Smithfield and Mt. Pleasant Townships (Ohio). They can't develop everything at once so the O/G cos are using their spending money on getting production going. When they need to make up the units around you they will be back to fill up the gaps. But this may take some time - good news is your gas/oil isn't going anywhere - it'll be there when they need you to make a lease with them. Once all the plants and infrastructure are built then production will really hum in the Ohio Valley.



What areas Marecella?


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