For the life of me I could not figure out why no one has yet to drill horizontally in Ashtabula Co. when  the maps show it a good area.

Been doing a lot of reading on the internet and came across this article from March 2002 in the Geotimes. I'm just wondering if this is why there hasn't been any drilling in Ashtabula? Is Ashtabula high risk for this type of deep drilling? I hope this isn't the case but after reading this it kind of makes me wonder.

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I'm really starting to think there's a lot to the earthquakes being related to the injection wells.

Was talking to a friend who does a lot of testing for the oil Companies the other day. He say's injection wells can be safe if the operators don't force to much in at to high of pressures.

You would think they would watch closely to prevent anymore episodes if that is the case.


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