And here is link to Eclipse's plat map on the Sawyer well in Adams Township, Monroe County Ohio.

Any comments on this?  While the article from Marcellus Drilling news is from 2014, the gas in the Trenton did not got anywhere.    Anyone else seeing vertical well permits to the Trenton.

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Just throwing this out there that that plat is for a pilot hole (stratagraphic test) in Ohio. They were more than likely permitting down into the Trenton/Black River formation so they could drill a well and run a suite of logs to gather geologic data. 

Thank you KAR as that info has not been out there that info is/was being gathered on the Trenton in Monroe co.   You know landowner/mineral owners are the last to know.

The Trenton is nothing new. I heard about it long before the marcellus. They drilled wells into it in New york and West Virginia back in 2000-2001 with amazing results.

I would agree that the Trenton is nothing new, however, is it because of the extreme pressure that it is not being produced?   Is the technology catching up to producing the Trenton, but is drilling the Trenton  going to be held back by the depressed oil and gas market?

Searcher, bootmud
Amazing results sure would describe the Stosscheck well, brought online in 2006 in NYS. It produced 8 Bcf its first year.
Several of the Tioga county wells that Swepi is drilling lists both the Trenton Limestone as well as the Utica as the targeted formation (s).

Although eye-glazing in data, the 200 page study from University of West Virginia describes the Trenton Black River along with numerous other formations in its recently released work on the Utica.

Bottom line? The TBR exists, is prolific, may be, with the exception of its western portions, uneconomic to develop in today's market.

2006 had to be a vertical well. not bad numbers for a year.

Correct spelling is Stoscheck 1, Chemung county, NYS, producing almost almost 250,000cfd as of 2 years ago.

Thank you for the info.    Where would you say the western portion of the Trenton is located?    Is the WVU report available online and do you know the year 2014, 2015, 2016?

Is it correct to assume the other formations are below the Trenton?

Searcher, Mr. Lamm

The WVU study was released this past July, is easily, freely downloadable (26MB), and it is extremely comprehensive.
You would have to check out the numerous included maps 'cuz there is a LOT there.
I could not just now retrieve some info on the Stoscheck that I read long ago, but it actually is a horizontal (non frac'd?) with a vertical depth of 8,000' and a 4,000' lateral.Memory may be fuzzy here.
I do remember the formation was described as a 'dolomitized graben'.
Won't soon forget that colorful phrase.

Trenton did not got anywhere. ? lol  things happen

lol you are the only one who caught the mistake:   it should be "go anywhere"    but this early in the morning I am going to blame it on "auto correct" which I detest.

have any comments on the Trenton?

I think the O&G knows a lot more than we will ever know as we  that  are landowners are ignorant of the facts can easily be taken advantage of. That increases their profit.

My thoughts why should an attorney get 30% of anything for a few hours of having their paralegals do paper work while we the landowner fight all of our lives just to try and save what we worked for? Who cast the 1/8th royalty into stone?


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