Interesting that I got a letter from a interested party in Florida wanting to purchase any extra land that I have.  I don't have much 10 acres all total.  Just wondering if they know something we don't.

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What state and county are you in?

Ohio Trumbull.  North east

Seems a bit odd to me.  Are they after the land (surface) or minerals only?  Or both?

they didn't really say just if I wanted to sell any excess property.  Most of mine is land locked too.


Did you research the party, company etc...? Who is it? Maybe someone would know on here.

I wasn't thinking and just through it away.  Came to me weeks later that I should have followed up.  I see I'm not the only one that got one.  Probably more too.

Typically it's just somebody fishing for deals.  They take data from the county tax records and send letters to everyone, hoping to find people looking to sell quick who don't know the value of their property.  Sometimes, though, some of these companies do have inside knowledge about where a particular company is about to focus their acquisitions.  Either way, I usually recommend you keep your minerals.


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