Who or what  killed it?   Can it or will it ever be revived?  And if it is revived, what level will we see it...10%, 20%, 30% or maybe 75% of what we have seen in the recent past?   Will the market for our NG allow the gas companies enough incentive to invest in expensive pipelines?   If not, growth of the gas industry in our region  will be limited by current pipeline takeaway capacity, and that doesn`t good for us.  Any thoughts??

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Will there be more buy-outs and acquisitions between gas companies next year?  Is leasing still taking place?  CNX Gas seems to have interest in further developing their holdings in Greene County, the Wadestown area near Blacksville plusthe  Beaver Run Reservoir in Westmorland County in PA.  Have they finished the Pittsburgh Airport Project?  Who will be the primary suppliers to the Shell Cracker Plant in Monaca?  What about the smaller gas companies like APEX, Olympus & PennEnergy, will they continue to grow their operations?  Are the smaller gas companies in a better position to grow in this market?


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