It seems like all the action is down south, That has me thinking Mahoning County is not what they thought. Has anybody heard anything about Mahoning County?

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Mahoning should be mostly wet gas with maybe 1/3 of the county falling into the volatile oil phase.

Which 1/3 is that? I'm guessing that western Mahoning County wont see any action until some results are shown from the Cadel well

Look at the Clinton wells starting in Goshen, and drive East through Green, and Beaver Townships. You will see nothing but pump jacks, and oil tanks. They then transition to oil tanks, and wet gas separators. No pump jacks. Eventually they give way to straight gas trees with no tanks, or pumps.  That's just an observation on my part.


Ellsworth Township around Geeburg has oil, and dry gas wells intermixed amongst each other.


The well in my backyard produces a very thin oil with a pump jack. It barely produces enough gas to supply the neighbor's house. 

My wells in Milton produce alot of natural gas  but only a couple tanks of light crude per year

So in your opinion the Clinton wells will be reflective of the oil/gas content in deeper shale?

Summer, I don't think so

There have only been 4 horizontal wells drilled in Mahoning Co. One very early well by Chesapeake that was only about 2400 ft. in length.  Consol has drilled three horizontal wells one about 3000 ft and two at about 6000.  None of these wells are in production and only one is far enough along to have any initial production data.  That being the early "exploratory" well by Chesapeake.  I don't think there is enough data to know what production will be like in Mahoning Co.  But I think with the amount of lease $$$ that were and still are being spent we will know what is under us in the next few years. Slow process...little or no infrastructure and millions of acres to be drilled.


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