New drilling rig installed on the site.

The flare which has been burning for approximately 2 weeks is now out, this is the second time they had it burning.


Any ideas or knowledge of drilling the second line (south) or what they are doing.  This rig doesn't seem to be as big as the last one.


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What State, what County, what Township?

Pennsylvania, Mercer, Lackawanna Twp

Could be a service rig which will run tubing and complete the well making it ready for production.

Thanks, I am not sure of the whole process.  They had put the flare up once and it burned for a few days, then they reinstalled a new one and it burned for about 2 weeks. I should be taking better notes on the whole process. They have two permits for this pad, so I didn't know if they were drilling the second one.  These first two permits were both in the "South" direction going under my son's property (he has 55 acres) and we bought his little house. Also he signed an ROW with "Midstream", and has been approached by another company for another ROW.  Tennessee Gas Pipeline which the "James" well has been connected too is just east of his property line.  A new pipeline "Blue" something has also announced plans in creating a pipeline from Mercer County down to Tennessee.  Lots of action going on in this area. 


Not having been to the site I'm only guessing but time will tell.

The whole process is exciting isn't it?

This is just the beginning. Wait until these companies have the pipelines in place. There will be drilling rigs everywhere.

It is very exciting.

Hopefully the royalty payments will ensure my granddaughters future! 


Only wish I would have bought the farm in front of his a couple years ago! HA HA...all things happen for a reason! 




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