Any one know how these 2 wells are doing I'm part owner . Just sent royalty form back to JB . I was told these wells got fracked in 2/2016

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Go to the WV office of oil and gas website, in the Permit search section permits

Select Tyler for the county and put in "sleepy" and a different search for "happy".

They both appear to be completed and are at the water report stage.

You can go to the Tyler County group and post there, maybe more people would know.

Did you return a royalty form or a division order? Be very careful, the division order is a legally binding  document.  We are part of the Bashful unit with Jay-Bee.  The division order they sent us did, in effect,  modify the terms of our lease agreement.   Our division order contained new terms for which we would never agree. It also did not contain a valid decimal unit calculation. Jay-Bee will say it does not modify our lease, but our attourney says it does.  We are sure it does.  It was also our experience that Jay-Bee withheld our royalty payment for about 9 to 12 months after the wells came online.  Our neighbor still has not received his royalty payments and it is about 18 months.  Hopefully your lease has a clause which specifies when payment must be made.  Please be careful, we are quite frustrated / upset with Jay-Bee, because of the above, and for additional reasons.


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