Does anyone have any information on this well?  I own property in this unit.  I know it is a 500 acre unit and the wells have been drilled,  How do I find out when it is going to start producing.  Any help would be appreciated.  

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Robert:  I'm in the Asuncion West unit.  Let me know if I can help.


Where in Jefferson county is that well?

Ross township,I think between Bergholz and Mechanicstown,  A bunch of info is on the ODNR site.

Martin,  It is real close to where Twp road 283 and 284 meet. in Ross twp

Thanks Don,  I have a hard time navigating there. Could you send me a link to that section.  Thank you. I know they were starting to run the gathering line to the well but that is all I have herd in a while. 


I am terrible with these sites.  Key in "Ohio ODNR shale"     I think you need all up to date downloads etc to run the site.  It took me along time to learn how to run the program. 

The site shows that 1, 3, 6 & 8 wells were drilled.  It has platmaps to show owners.  You can actually measure acreage of the unit by using the tools.

We were never notified by chk that we were in a unit.  We checked the recorders office and found out ourselves. 

Good Luck


Thanks Don,  A couple weeks ago I received in the mail what I think were division orders.  It showed only 3 wells.  I have about 35 acres in this unit.  Nothing to retire on but maybe take a vacation or two with my kids...  I was never notified either. All I received was a Affidavit of non production that I had to sign. 

interesting to note...there was a major Federal Law suit brought over this well and unit    ...The Sixth Circuit reversed just about ten days ago...the lower District Court decision that had sided with the landowners view that just filing a Unitization agreement doesn't mean the landowners lease was extended

the Sixth Circuit reversed and stated, that because they had started on the Asuncion West well and then later filed the DPUnitization agreement re the Henry's land...they were correct to extend the lease

see this article

What does this ultimately mean for this well?   well, it appears, that CHSP may have been a little reluctant to proceed with this well, last year, given that I read on ODNR site that they did complete the original vertical well in late 2011    However, they received permission to go horizontal on this well after this according to the ODNR SITE

ONE NOTE: I called the ODNR and asked them if they monitored whether or not, the horizontal drilling had any kind limitations or "reporting requirements"   The person I spoke with who was familiar with this well, said..."no, we don't have any such regulations and we don't monitor these horizontal distances"...

I was quite stunned and I don't know if this means the landowners under all horizontal drilling who are NOT specifically mentioned in the original well permit...are going to be truly and honestly compensated for whatever is taken from them   Its very interesting and I can't speak universally ...or if this remains the position of the ODNR today    This was late last summer because our family's land is located not very far from the last underlying southeasterly longitude of the horizontal drilling leg of this well as per the ODNR site....

one additional note:  it appears as of this date, this well has been shut down but I would like to hear from others about whether they see or understand this to be the case

again, in an unrelated piece of information...this well, MAY be the longest horizontal well drilled in all of the Ohio Utica as reported by the ODNR.....which stated without giving its name, that "a well in Jefferson County Ohio made the record in Ohio for the longest horizontal well made to date at over 16,000 feet"         from my view of the ODNR active well map, no other well in Jefferson County comes close to the horizontal reach of this  Asuncion well, from what I can see....If I am wrong, please do not hesitate to post a response

Thank you for the update.  I don't understand what this all means for our unit.  The ODNR website shows 4 laterals,  Does this include all 4 or just the one that involves the Henry property?  You mentioned a 16,000 foot horizontal. My measurements does not show that on the laterals on the website. Am I doing something wrong?  Any input from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,  Bob 


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