there are some leases listed on landex to j.b.l.s. in tioga county. nothing recent i think.

when i followed them up, it seems like most of them were never assigned individually, maybe in a mass assignment though which isnt showing up on landex.

one that i'm particularly interested in is alexander brumwell. he leased with j.b.l.s., and then the record on landex shows nothing. interestingly though, there is a brumwell 657 unit which has permits. he also signed r.o.w. agreements for the pad which i think will be on his land. all of his subsequent agreements are with east/swepi.

alex lives in great britain, not that easy to get ahold of.

the most recent recording, less than a month ago, is an affidavit of non production/non payment.

does anyone know the particulars of j.b.l.s. agreements? any additional info to add to this story?


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Why don't you call Jim Boureaus office and ask him? He is located in Coneaut Lake,Pa.

did that.

not much more information from them, except that they have no current projects in that area and cannot discuss previous deals.



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