The head of the PA DEP, John Quigley, is a known anti-fossil fuel zealot. He had to resign because of an expletive filled email , read it Here

Liberal governor, Tom Wolf appointed this guy. Wake up and vote, educate yourself and defeat these enviro-nazis

Quigley that was said to be the last straw that led to his resignation on Friday uses no uncertain terms to criticize the environmental community for failing to fight back against the Legislature's rejection of more stringent oil and gas regulations.


In the email obtained by PennLive on Monday, Quigley used expletives in upbraiding environmentalists for their inaction.

Quigley, the 56-year-old former Hazleton mayor, turned in his resignation from his $152,657-a-year Cabinet post after a brief meeting with Gov. Tom Wolf on Friday. Quigley declined comment when a PennLive reporter visited his Camp Hill home on Friday evening.

Wolf appointed Patrick McDonnell, the department's policy director, as acting secretary.

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Incredible - clearly the government in Pennsylvania isn't merely reacting to public opinion, they are trying to mold it. No wonder the industry has so much trouble getting political traction these days.

Philadelphia County and Allegheny County control PA politics. Unfortunately both are bastions of liberalism.

A politician that carries these areas controls the agenda in PA. (even though the majority of the state opposes that agenda.

Wolfe and Quigley are prime examples. Quigley's crime was being honest about his views. Wolfe is a snake and deceiver (my opinion).

The same situation exists in NY. Down State controls the whole state.

This is astonishing stuff.  Quigley is dangerous.  But he is not as dangerous as Wolf.

I was unaware of Quigley being a former Hazleton mayor.  As many eastern Pennsylvanians know, Hazleton, once (years ago) a wonderful PA small city, has been lost.  Williamsport was lost in similar manner.  In both instances causation was election of an ultra-liberal mayor.  Wherever the liberal infection takes root (e.g., in Detroit), cities die.    

I am so confused.......

I thought the great Democratic Party was for 'small town' America, for middle class growth, and for overall growth of the economy to sustain jobs for the masses?!?

Now we find out that the Democratic Party is anti-growth, is hurting the middle class and unions, and does not care about adding jobs.

No wonder why two Washington, DC outsiders are gaining strength in the polls.

you can throw CT into the mix of another poorly run state by the D party.

Why not drill here in America..dah..the greatest country in the world.   We win all the way around that way and we won't be using any more energy!  The amount of oil and gas output would remain the same around the world, but instead of us buying it somewhere else, we could buy and sell it right here in the good ole' USA.  BTW:  Didn't Gore tell us years and years ago that we would be under water by now due to "global warming?" He said that rising ocean levels will dramatically alter our planet’s coastlines. He also said that as Greenland’s ice sheets would collapse, and predicted  that our shores would be flooded and sea-bordering cities would sink beneath the water leaving "millions of people" homeless.  

If you folks, especially in Pennsylvania and Ohio, want to see the consequences of anti fossil fuel policies in action, keep an eye on the unfolding train wreck up in New England.
Their zealous anti pipeline activities have brought them to the precipice of catastrophe regarding electricity production during cold snaps in the coming winters.
Two leading politicians, Rosenberg and Krulik, are now demanding LNG facilities be built to stave off grave natgas shortages. This, after successfully demonizing natgas for years.
Pure insanity.
You Ohio/PA folks stand to gain an enormous boost deriving from the folly in NE.

Or, if the anti FF people win in your area, you all will follow in NE's misery.

Your choice.


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