Judge: US agency lacks authority to set rules on fracking

Good news from an Obama nominated Judge!!  Unbelievable!


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A screw up like this is uncharacteristic of Obama.  He actually nominated a judge with integrity!!

Just you wait until Obama finds out about this (it could take a week or two).  He is going to be vewy vewy angry. 

Hurrah for the Ute Tribe. Now they are eligible to be stolen from by domestic O&G companies.

They'll wish they were never drilled under.

If it's Chesapeake doing the stealing, they are known for taking more well products than reported from Indian lands and they are America's Number One offender of underpayment to no payment of royalties.

The Ute's won't be able to afford anything but soda pop during their first year celebration of being drilled under. They won't have Fire Water or Beer Money when it's all said and done.

Remember, don't drink the bubbling water in ponds and streams.

My Condolences.


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