mornin folks was wondering if there is any information on this well since we are out of state would appreciate any info you can share thank you for your time

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where is it at .....what state what county .....who has the lease on this property?????????????

more info could get u more answers

mornin mike
this thread I was  supposed to post it to mononghalia county WV thats where this lease is located NORTH EAST ENERGY is the oil and gas company general location is around the blacksville area and since I got your attention the 11 O/G gas companies that went or filed for bankruptsey any idea who they are? 

not sure of the companies that filed for bankrupt,,,,,,I live in the area you are speaking of near Hundred and I can tell you it is all most dead around here for well activity only ome rig that I know of near here by Wileyville Wetzel county and it is drilling for DAC

mornin mike
thankx for the reply is there any infrastruture (PIPELINES) in place around there ? seems to be a common problem in regards to development 


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