Can anyone tell me if the Melvin Khale pad and the Tim Minch pad in Ohio County went on line ?

I own property between them and have moved from the area. I have had a difficult time trying to get a response from Chesapeake .

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Have you received a division order from these pads. That will be the first thing that goes out after they are online. Also you can call Oklahoma 1-877-245-1427 then select the division order number. Have your lease # on hand and they will be able to tell you if it in production. The best time to call is around 8am our time in wva you maybe put on hold but wait it out. If you don't get a answer then call back everyday until you do. We were on line for 7 months before we got our first check from 3 well on our property. Remember they are using your minerals to make money. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the Information, I haven't received anything from anyone. At this point I can't get anyone

to return my calls so I will call the number you gave me and see what happens.


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