Land in Ashtabula County--

28.3 acres zoned  C-1 commercial in front, recreational in back.  Great location in Saybrook Twp.Lots of possibilities here! Seller says--No known active gas/oil leases. Great location, varied zoning, potential income. Bring your imagination! Lots of potential here!  

25 Acres--Beautiful wooded lot, creek, wildlife.   You can purchase this land two different ways. $69,900 for the mineral rights and no bonus money or $89,900 for all mineral rights and the bonus money.

10+ Acres located in the Andover Ohio area.  Mineral Rights to transfer.

Contact Jackie Stewart with Miller Realty.  440-563-6656

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A pretty blatant promotion from what I interpret.

Thought this GMS  'General Shale Discussions' page prohibited such promotions.

If so, then why couldn't landowners promote their un-leased land as available for lease ?

Maybe Mr. Keith Mauck the GMS Site Publiser ought to help on this one ?

I thought it was ok to post here.  Not trying to upset anyone.  It can be taken down.  Please advise which area on the site is ok to post this? 

Thank you.


As I understand the rules it's ok to promote on County Groups (Groups that have 'County' in their name - like the 'Ashtabula County' Group for instance).

I think however (only my perspective here) that most folks who read and post on any of these pages are looking to lease their Mineral Rights to a Gas and Oil Well Drilling / E & P / O & G Company or find some experience based wisdom / insight in the plethora of leasing ins and outs they are confronted with. 

Finding Real Estate For Sale Listings being promoted (again only my opinion) is counter-intuitive / contrary to the goals of most who frequent these pages.

If you highlight the 'Home' Tab above you'll see another pull-down menu with a sub-heading titled 'Solicitation Policy'.  Check it out and proceed.

Also an un-leased landowner and cranky.

Seems like things have quieted down quite a bit  in Ashtabula County with the leasing.  Is there something going on in the Wayne Twp area?  I thought I heard that a drilling pad was under construction there or was to be in the near future? 

They're supposed to go ahead with that well next spring (2014) from what we've heard from at least two reliable sources / folks whose lands are part of the drilling unit.

BTW, we think it would be great if an outfit like yours would act exclusively on behalf of unleased landowners located in our Ashtabula County near geography and provide oil and gas lease brokering services.

Why isn't there any of that going on ?

Seems to us like everyone works for the O & G interests and no one for the landowners.

Do you mean selling mineral rights out right?

I mean brokering leases outright and not as a dual agency.
Exclusive to the landowner's interests.


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