There are counties in Pennsylvania that use the services of Landex to access deed information including oil & gas information  from their Recorder of Deeds department.  Not having any experience using Landex how easy is it to use?  What is the cost for copies of deeds or O&G information?   Your help is appreciated. Thanks

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I check Landex almost daily. Very good source.

Thanks, how do they charge for their services, and what are they? 

You also need to know the company name . For example , when Shell  was in Tioga they used the name SWEPI 

Good tool to see if someone is trying to alter your deed.

hit the pay button and put in your credit card.

How are you charged?  Is it for downloading or viewing of deeds? Is it a charge per time on Landex like each minute?  I don``t need copies of anything but want to read deed entries online.

click search at top menu,then click county than company name or persons name , click on the document and to open it you pay,price next to document and pay button at top.


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