Recently read where Ohio law requires oil and gas land professionals to hold a broker’s license to be compensated.

Could / does (in some twisted way) mean landowners / Mineral owners are BOUND to hire a Real Estate Broker to legally negotiate a lease agreement or face having to go to court and sue / settle to collect their negotiated Delay Rental ( Sign-On Bonus / Royalty ? ?

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can do a sale by owner for real estate in Ohio?  You can probably buy without a broker, so not sure how you can be bound to hire someone - caveat emptor ..

Inquiry goes beyond your response / point in that such a landowner negotiated lease might end up being contested - perhaps tying it all up for a long / very long period of time.


You're over thinking this.  This ruling has no implications to the individual landowner/mineral owner to negotiate a lease on their own.  The ruling only has to do with land professionals.  The landowner/mineral owner will continue to be able to sign leases, as they always have, with or without the help of a professional working on their behalf.

MAN, I hope you're right !
To me, there have been some strange things going on in the Ohio courts in recent years (Post Utica Advent) in way of stripping landowner rights. Seems to me anything goes as long as it continues to track that path. Worrisome to me the cynic's cynic.
Could / would Landowners / Mineral Owners be considered 'Land Professionals' by Ohio Judges / Magistrates / Courts / Lawyers (especially those Lawyers employed by E & P concerns) ? ? Is that a 'Case' or 'Cases' waiting to happen ? ?


Man, I hope you're right !

Have it now (via a Bricker & Eckler Publication) that Gas & Oil Landman Pros are differentiated from Real Estate Brokers & Agents. Lends more credence to me that Landowners are protected when signing on to a Lease less hiring a Real Estate Broker to consumate the deal. But, what with all the horror stories regarding bad deals I've been reading about, I still have my guard up (for what it's worth) being the cynic I've become.



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