This came up on a county forum. Has anyone seen a lateral go under a interstate? It's bound to happen someday but I haven't saw it yet. Maybe it's no different than a regular state road. 

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They haven't drilled it yet, but yes in Mercer county the1HD leg of the Shannon well will go right under interstate 79. I told the people that owned the land at the time it was bought in 1968 that they would hold the mineral rights to this land. I don't know if they are pursuing it or not,  but from what I understand the state just bought the surface rights and not the mineral rights.

That's a good point. May be very interesting once More of these start to happen. Thanks

Every where that I'm aware of like my property in Butler County a lot of property lines go down the center of the roads unless of course you own the property on both sides. The state or Twp only has the right of way.

The one that chaps my butt is Allegheny County claiming Hundreds of millions of dollars in bonus and royalties at the Pittsburgh airport property they stole from land owners by eminent domain and, their going to give it to the airlines? Really? What about some of the parks that my not all have been donated free and clear? also taken.

Interstates are a bit of a conundrum.  Some people sold the land, some kept mineral and/ or gas and oil rights when they sold.  The proper owners should get royalties from these rights.

Some land was taken by eminent domain. From what I hear, the eminent domain cases were unclear as to subsurface rights so ownership is unclear.  I expect some litigation to develop soon.

Yes, it will be interesting. My dad bought this farm after it was split by 79. Our lawyer said that if there is any claim to it, that the owners before us would have the rights.

I think that unless the minerals were explicitly excluded from the transfer to your dad, whatever interest the previous owner held would now be his.  So if the previous owner retained the minerals under I-79 when the highway ROW was acquired, then they passed to your dad if he bought the entire property.


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