Northeastern Shale Joint Venture

We are an oil and gas company in a joint venture with a mid-level operator with extensive, successful drilling operations in the northeast Marcellus. We are seeking to work with a single landowner or group of landowners who can form a drilling unit. The individual or group must meet the following criteria:

1. Landowners must NOT be under existing oil & gas leases.

2. The size of the proposed unit must be at least 400 acres. Up to 1200 acres is preferred.

3. The location must be in Tioga, Bradford or Susquehanna Counties (west of interstate 81 only).

Our operations are guided by the following policies:

We develop gas production only in a safe manner consistent with environmental preservation and post-drilling reclamation.

We do not drill in order to hold by production. We drill in order to take gas to market.

If the unit’s geology and location are strong, we offer the highest royalties in the industry.

Individuals or groups that meet these criteria and share these goals should respond by email to NSJV at or Phone (570) 871-0193 Responses should include the location of the proposed unit, including parcel numbers and owners’ names; the estimated size of the parcels; and the contact information of the key landowner or proposed designated representative of the group or unit. Information provided will remain confidential pending our assessment of the proposed unit and our reply to the submitting contact person. Replies will be made promptly by one of our key executives, not by agents or third parties.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Northeastern Shale Joint Venture.

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