My lease was signed back in October in Fairview Twp Butler County Pa by Chevron, along with a lot of other's on my road. I see most of them have been recorded (Butler County Public Web Access), however mine has not and I haven't heard anything.  I know other's who have been recorded but haven't received bonus checks as of yet.  What's the deal and what should my next step be?

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Were you paid?

No, nothing yet. My brother signed the same day but has not been paid.  I can see his lease though on that public site, but mine isn't even listed on there.

Perhaps they aren't finished with the title thus they aren't recording it.  Unfortunately I don't have a lot of experience with Chevron so I can't give you any great insight.

I leased with Chesapeake back in 2011, but delays seem par for the course. Signed lease 10/7/11, Unit Declaration recorded 2/14/11, Lease recorded 3/31/11. (Yes, they did declare the unit before my lease was recorded.) Got my bonus check 127 days after the lease signing. Would not get in a panic yet, but would not be out of line to give them a call to check on status.

Sorry for typo, signed lease in 2010

Today is day 125 after signing and its still not recorded.
The Same thing happened to us with our Shell lease and it turned out there were title problems from an old lease my grandpa signed 40 years ago. They never informed us, we had to call them and we are still trying to resolve it. I would call right away to find out if it is a title problem that needs resolved. Good luck!

We signed with Chevron on 01 June 2012 and the lease was recorded at the court house on 10 Oct 2012.  Payment was received on 14 Feb 2013. Indiana County, Eastwheatfield twp PA., 62 acres.

Larry, that gives me some hope then! I just wish they would let me know what's going on. I can't seem to reach anyone for answers.

I had a Chevron land man, Stephen Hallam, tell me a few days ago that Chevron is returning the signed gas oil leases for the area where I live, Cherry Road, Fairview Twp, Butler county.   I signed a lease with Chevron in Oct 2012 and never heard back from them so I called.  What Hallam told me seems hard to believe since my neighbor who signed the same day as I signed got a check a few weeks ago and many people on my road have received their checks prior to that.  Very strange and hard to believe. 

Sorry to hear that John. I just checked and Chevron recorded your release yesterday along with ten others. Did the landman give you a reason for canceling all these leases? 



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