My lease was signed back in October in Fairview Twp Butler County Pa by Chevron, along with a lot of other's on my road. I see most of them have been recorded (Butler County Public Web Access), however mine has not and I haven't heard anything.  I know other's who have been recorded but haven't received bonus checks as of yet.  What's the deal and what should my next step be?

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John, How did you get in contact with this Stephen Hallam and what was the reason he gave you for returning the lease?

The guy I signed with was Tim Stapleton.  Since he is no longer with Chevron I made several calls, left several messages with various people at Chevron's office in Moon Twp.  The only contact info on the lease I signed was for an address in Moon Twp, no number.  I got the number off of the internet.   Finally I got Hallam's name and number, being told he is now apparently the guy that now handles the area where I live.  When he returned my call, he said Chevron was going to return the leases and unrecord them at the court house as they were no longer going to pursue this area, due to production being less than what they anticipated.   I now see recorded at the courth house a release of the lease from Chevron.  I wish these oil companies had to make restitution for wasting people's time.

I see that leases on one side of the road have been released and the other side of the road have not.  I only looked at a few. 

Hallam's number is 412/865-3448 is you want it Kristen.


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