Lease will be up next year... does anyone know the outlook on my area??

I live in Clearfield County, PA.  Just north of Treasure Lake and south of Pennfield, PA.  My lease is up with the company I signed with 5 years ago.  I was wondering what the outlook is for my area.

We signed at $1000/acre plus $50/acre/year of no activity.  The company has the option to renew or not at the previous amount or at an amount comparable to another company's offer.

Thank you.

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Just drove by there two weeks ago on the way to Emporium!

Clearfield Co is in a dry gas zone, to the best of my knowledge.  That means things are slow there right now. The Utica there is very deep and probably dry. The Marcellus there is dry. Also, I would think that Cl Co has poor infrastructure.

I don't know which companies are active there but I would think that leasing is way down. Maybe things will pick up by the time your lease expires but I doubt it. I would talk to as many neighbors as I could to see what is going on. Talk to local politicos and farm agencies, maybe at the local feed mills.  Farmers will know best what is going on.


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