HI, My name is Bob. My lease is up soon with a 5yr extention.Is there any way I can negotiate a  a better price for a  5yr extention . I have 130 acres. thank you much, Bob P.S. My land is located in Lycoming County ,McIntyre Twp. Anybody out there with the same situation.


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Sure, you can negotiate a better price, but you need to offer something they want.  If you want them to give up something, you need to put something on the table for them.  Maybe an easement for an access road.  Maybe a pipeline right-of -way.  Maybe a gold mine.  Something.

With gas prices what they are I doubt if your in a decent position to renew with a better price, now however if ya had some land in Ohio with the Utica under it ya might just get their attention. 


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