How do I find out about leasing my property?

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You will get more replies if you tell people specifically where you are.

I live on Ridge Rd. in Fowler Township in Trumbull County.

Kim; best suggestion is talk to your neighbors, see who they leased with and ask what terms.  Also, contact local government types, maybe stop by Agway or other farm supply store.

Go to the county page here on GMS.  At the top of the page go to "States" and click on Ohio.  Find the Trumble county site and post there.

Most likely BP is the one to talk to as they leased a large amount of acreage in Trumble.

I am located off 305 in Champion Township (70 acres). I have contacted many companies, the response has been the same. We will be leasing in the fall. I suspect they are awaiting the results of the test wells. If I hear any new info I will update. I had signed with BP but discovered a Title Defect, it has since been corrected but it was not with in the allotted timeframe.


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