My family has 80 acres o/g minerals only Fairmont District Marion County WV (Straights Run Rd ) area.Currently entertaining offers.Thought we had a deal bur fell thru.Please email for more info.

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What type of information are you seeking?  Are you wanting lease offers?  If so, I suspect that is against the forum rules.

looking for lease offers,if against rules I shall take down at once sorry


I seriously doubt any of the production companies monitor this site.  Any offers you would receive are most likely from a landman that would turn around and take the lease to a production company, for an override of your royalty.  If I were in your shoes, I would contact the production companies that are active in your area.

Generally speaking, the forum is for educational purposes and not solicitations.

Good Luck

Thank You

Here is a website WV Office of Oil and Gas Weekly Reports where the WV Office of Oil and Gas lists recent permits which they have issued. You could look through these for Marion County and make a list of the companies who are leasing in your district. There may be an easier way but this should be a good way to start figuring that out.

Good suggestions Nancy!


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