Has there been any leasing activity in Monongalia County? If so, with who and what was the signing bonus(per acre) and royalty rate.


Thanks, Tim Greene

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   We are now leasing in Monongalia County. If you're interested in learning more, please contact:

Ryan Nyardy                                              Christopher Harman

Buck Run Energy Partners                          Buck Run Energy Partners

Sr. Partner/Land Agent               or              Sr. Partner/Land Agent

ryannyardy@hotmail.com                            harmancc@gmail.com

614.949.7331                                              740.610.4894


I do not know of any although EQT may be doing something around existing leases. Beware of people who want to lease and flip to someone who is at a greater price

This is not a lease-flipping situation. We are laying directly for our client.
And who is your client?
When negotiating with EQT on an old lease, be prepared for them to tell you the old terms of the lease (12.5% and production costs included) can not be re-negotiated. These old leases can certainly be re-negotiated and if they want to develop your acreage, they will negotiate in good faith.

Northeast Energy has been doing a lot of leasing in Clay district   I have minerals in the Jakes run area, noticed they leased a lot of parcels around me,

looks like it is for the Kassay well pad north west of Jakes run they have the north laterals permitted,

they will have to complete the leasing for the south west laterals.

Has anyone had a lease offer from Northeast Energy  and would like to  share it.

Thanks. Rick Clark

mornin rick
 we signed a agreement with precision o/g earlier this year via northeast energy  very very small mineral interest  15% no deductions we own no property just mineral rights PM me  we could discuss it a little further  it is the blacksville project kassay well pad hope to hear from you

Hello Mark,
Haven't been contacted on leasing yet. glad to hear you have a no deduction lease from what I have seen deductions run anywhere from 1/4 to 1/3 of your royalty check. I know for sure Tyler county is running around 32% with the processing and gathering in the wet gas area.

so it is always good to get a no deduction clause in your lease. stay away from any Market enhancement clauses to fancy wording for deductions.

by the way Norwood land services left there number called back no reply from the landman, has anyone dealt with or heard of Norwood Land Services or no what county they are working in

have you guys seen any buyers in Clay/Battelle in last month or two?

Can anyone recommend a good oil an gas attorney to review a NNE lease and what is price per acre going for now? thanks in advance for the help

There are lots of buyers in the Battelle area

My in laws received a lease in the mail for this unit. Any advice would be appreciated.


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