My extended family owns 137 acres near Morristown won last year due to the dormant minerals act. It remains unleased. Does anyone know of companies now leasing in this area? Thanks. 

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Try Salt Fork Resources, who has leases around Morristown. Alternately, Gulfport Energy is a possibility, who has several wells in the vicinity. 

   A mitigating factor is that, depending on the exact location of your property, you are likely in the wet gas region of the Utica. This zone has been out of favor for a few years due to low liquids prices. But NGL's (natural gas liquids) have recently exhibited price increases, making the area more attractive. Two ethane crackers, each consuming 100,000 barrels of ethane/day are in the works along the Ohio River. Ethane represents ~40% of NGL's produced in the Utica. This is an overview.

  Good luck!


Thank you Bluflame.

EQT  runs the show in Smith/Goshen.  


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