Is there any leasing now or in the past in Butler County. If so what are the terms

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I contacted Rex in State College they are suppose to get back to me. I will let everyone know what they say.
I also contacted Rex. A landman called back two days later and asked me my parcel numbers and said he would map it out and get back to me. He called back and said my property, in Clay Township, is not in Rex's "buy area" at this time. However, he told me it was likely to change quickly (within a couple months), and that Rex would probably call me before they called him to let me know what the status was.
Do you happen to have the guys phone # they never returned my call. I am in Venango Twp. I will let you know what they are saying
I went to their website and called the number there; 814-278-7267.

Thanks I will contact them after Thanksgiving. Have a great Holiday!!
Good Afternoon Rob and everybody else.

I (and my brother) are working on a lease in Summit Twp with Phillips Exploration - 42 acres @ $1500/acre and 15% royalty.
How close is that to Venango Twp. I contacted Rex about our ground 375ac of oil and gas bordering on state game lands. They are not leasing at this time in Venango.
We are in the middle of Butler Co - would imagine you are north bordering Venango County. Sean is from Phillips, try him at 724 422-7898-actually just e mailed him. His e mail have your property tax # and acreage available. They usually have to check with the company geologist.
Thanks a bunch. I appreciate the help. I live in the Lancaster area, so its hard to stay on top of whats going on in Western Pa.
We just sign a lease with Rex and are in the "90 days" period, waiting for the lease to go through channels. I'm always hesitant to proclaim to the world the specifics of a contract, but I will say that we signed for more than the $1,200 being offered by another company (in payments over 5 years) and we did better than the 12.5 % royalty. We are leasing a little under 50 acres, in several adjacent parcels.

We did not go through an attorney. I did ask for an addendum that states that our water wells would be checked before and after any drilling on our property, that we had a say on well, road, and pipeline locations, and a few other things. The lease agent had a standard addendum that seemed to fit our needs. I believe I found the addendum suggestions at the website w*****************. We also changed the original lease to include the right of first refusal.

There was a lot of good information at and I attended one of the PSU extension meetings explaining Marcellus drilling last year.

The land agent was patient with us and answered many of the questions we had. Time will tell if we made any mistakes, but having talked to many others signing leases over the last couple of years, I believe we did very well.
Do you mind sharing what township you're in? I'm in Adams, also approached by a very professional agent for Rex. Thanks!
We are in Middlesex Township. Our land agent is George Karazsia []. Bob


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