My first question people seem to ignore can someone please help me out on this... If I have 54 acres and Only25 that is included in the unit what happens to the other left will they expand the unit or put in another unit.

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Pat, there is no definite answer to the question,  The acreage may go in an expanded unit or put in another unit or it may never be drilled.    However, you are in a good area of Monroe Co. and your oil company, Statoil, does a lot of public relations with its landowners.  If you live in the area talk to some of the neighboring people who may be in the Dangel or Eisenbarth well and see if they can give you a name of someone to talk to.   However, at this stage of the drilling, Statoil, may not know what their plans are.

Pat if you have a Pugh clause in your lease the gas co will have to release the remainder of your land if they don't include it in the unit.If you don't have the the Pugh clause the gas co has the right  to leave that land in limbo forever.


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