Letter's been coming in with offers from Anterio/Tunner oil for Beaver County!

Just south of Millwood Twp Beaver Twp Land Owners are getting letters with offers for leasing which some of the leases are up in October 2017 same money just broken up into years!

Hope they serious and actually drill this time! I knew Eclipse Resources! Hey the money is nice! But few wells would be nicer! Better...But I doubt that will happen as I preached for years! Just not in the cards because the roadways and bridges are terrible condition I would bet one reason. 

Think I'm going to sell out and pay off the few things! 

Would be nice but not counting on it! 

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You may want to rethink your decision to sell your mineral rights.  Eclipse/Antero are active in Beaver Twp. They are now drilling on the Quintel pad with 6 laterals going north ( 2 Units) and this month there were 5 laterals going south (2 units) that just hit the DNR web site this month. To get to this pad they improved the road by apply new black top. There web site said they were going to keep one rig active in the Utica play this year.


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