Is there interest in Licking county, Hopewell township. I live out of state so I don't see what's going on.

Thanks, JAM

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Jam, Im not from the area, but currently reside in the Buckeye Lake area. The boss and I usually head to town every weekend and I noticed last weekend someone is doing a pretty large seismic survey in the Ridgely Tract Rd/Lake Drive area.(Licking Twsp). Today I noticed(PA License plates) this guy doing some survey work along the area where the new ATEX pipeline was installed last year. There is no utica activity going on here. If the price of oil was $125/barrel we might see some activity. Right now there are many companies in Licking looking deeper than the Utica and lots of seismic surveys going on here. 


Thank You James, This gives me hope.

Artex is doing a ton of surveys in the area of licking and franklin twnship. They have gotten about seventy people to sign lease agreements. Check out lcounty recorder. Offering them nothing good. Trying to be the first in line. To buy up this area. Close to pipeline near Jacksontown.
MJ, this is probably more "Acreage Replenishment" than anything. Their acreage east(Muskingum, Guernsey, Noble, Etc) of there holds Utica potential so they probably don't want to be drilling RoseRun wells through the Utica there. About 2-3 Sunday's ago I saw the seismic workers laying out lines inside the city limits of Jacksontown and through the cemetery. I thought that was odd.
2-1/2 years old but this probably started the further exploration in this area. This is just east of Jacksontown on 40 coming into town.


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