is there any where to see where or how the lines run from the wells? which directions or how far?

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Take the link below. 

Click on the green button - zoom in - zoom out - do a well search - experiment with the buttons.

If you've enough horsepower in your computer and the software compatible with the ODNR web pages you should do ok.

Here's the link below :

thank you

Glad it worked for you !

You're very welcome.

Happy to help when I can.

I have looked at the well permits on the wv gov website.they indicate depth and question is how reliable are these permits?is there any oversight or on sight checks about the direction specifically?once drilled is there any way to prove what direction the laterals go?  I have often wondered how this process works and bbqfreak's ? is a good time to ask.also is it the honor system that determines which shale is being drilled(permian,marcellus ,utica,and so on).I am an out of state mineral owner with no connection to the land,some day i may be a lottery winner(small).The oil and gas co's seem to be extremely secretive, once you sign a lease a consequence there seems to be many ideas floating around-good clean fun and thought provoking.lets hope they(o and g) don't laugh too hard as we try to figure out their hidden agenda. thanks to any one who can help me 

Looks like we're in the jungle.
Proceed with caution covering your 6 as best you're able.
Share any good info. you have with the rest of us.
As landowners / lessors / prospective lessors we're all in the same boat (unless connected / with inside information which I for sure am not and do not) ! !
Good luck - keep posting ! !
I'm in your same situation, what state are you in? Is your land vacant? I have a few ideas if you want to friend me. Thanks
Ditto my reply to pat fiegen.
On the ODNR map where is the legend which says what each well designation is.
There are blue dots, green dots etc which designate some type of well.

Where is an explanation of the colors mean?

Tan / yellow dots I interpret as the wellhead and terminus of a Utica Point Pleasant drilling.

There is a grey line with an arrowhead at one end and no arrow head on the other.

I interpret the grey line as a drilling vector for the horizontal leg of a Utica Point Pleasant drilling.

I interpret the arrowhead to be the terminus.

I interpret the dot without the arrowhead as the vertical bore.

Have not been able to find a color legend defining what kind of well the dot represents (oil or gas).  However Utica Wells are normally both from what I've read.

There are lavender, green and blue dots shown all over the place but don't know what kind they are by virtue of no color legend found.  I interpret them as existing conventional verticals - but I might be mistaken.

Only my best guesses Bill.


Here is a link to the map legend. It shows what all the symbols mean on the map.

Thanks TM.


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