Linked In Shale Gas Production Decine Study Discussion

For those GMS members who are on the LinkedIn site also, there is an interesting discussion about the steep decline rates experienced by fractured shale gas wells.

I have attached the link: I hope that it opens! The study and discussion are included in the Society of Petroleum Engineering section. 

I hope that this clears up some of the confusion around high decline rates; it brought back some memories and long forgotten concepts to me.


Shale Gas Production Decline Study

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I followed the link and the site asked for me to join.

Did I do this right ?

Mark -

The site is free to join, not a subscription site. You have to join in order to access the discussion. The site is also a good way to reconnect with former colleagues, friends, classmates, etc.

Good Luck,


I'm a linked in member but apparently not subscribed to the group your article is posted from.

So, it (the link) doesn't work for me and doesn't even take me to the page to subscribe to the group.

Any suggestions ?


you have to ask to join the SPE group on linked-In by clicking the "join" icon. Carly Wohlers runs the SPE group.

I hope that this idea works.


Thanks Brian.

I'll try it a little later.


Would it be possible to re post the "Shale Gas Production Decline Study " here?

Phil -

There is no specific link to the study; it is merely a discussion thread starting with the originator followed by twelve commenters who add their thoughts and opinions. It is too long to copy/paste to this site, and there may be IP (intellectual Property) issues by doing so; so I urge you to join the SPE group and read it for yourself.

The threads contain some thought provoking ideas about the frac size, number of stages and stage spacing, refracs; and some generalized fluid flow concepts.

Good luck,



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