To all you Geology Buffs out there:

What can you tell us about this formation?

Does anyone know of any wells drilled into it anywhere yet?

Where is it and how big of an area does it cover?

How prospective is it thought to be and for what? (gas,oil,ngl)

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Trapper, You can search the drilling into that formation done by Talisman/Fortuna, Shell, and Chesapeake in NY State and PA. (some for production, and others for testing)  As you move East from Ohio, those wells are usually referred to as TBR or Trenton/Black River wells.

Ohioans might be interested to note that the Trenton-Black River was instrumental in John D. Rockefeller's oil empire in the 19th century.  In West Virginia, TBR gas wells have had initial rates estimated at approximately 50 million cubic feet per day.

Here's a photo of a TBR flare from NY State

When you use the interactive map, take note of the number of dry holes drilled into this target.  That is one very important point in which this play is decidedly different than the Marcellus and Utica plays.

Charles. We're did you get the information about the wv ip's


  That was the IP on the TBR discovery well in West Virginia.  Here is one link to that info from the University of Kentucky.

I own property I. Wetzel and tyler county. I hope it is there...sounds greedy as we have alot but why not

From the Pa DCNR;

We will spend only a little time looking at the Loysburg Formation rocks exposed beneath the Black River Group. We want trip participants to see the peritidal low-energy, shallowing-upward successions that make up this formation (Chafetz, 1969), and note that these same cycles continue up into the lowermost Black River rocks.

Field (1919) named the Loysburg Formation for exposures of interbedded limestone and dolomite conformably overlying the Bellefonte Formation (upper Beekmantown Group – see Figure 10) in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. The Loysburg extends throughout the Valley and Ridge province in central Pennsylvania. Its thickness there is highly variable (Kay, 1944a; Faill and others, 1989). Faill and others (1989) report that the upper contact with the Hatter Formation of the Black River Group contact is sharp and conformable, but it is gradational here at Union Furnace along PA 453. The Loysburg is further subdivided into the Milroy (“Tiger Stripe” of Kay, 1944a) and Clover Members (Berg and others, 1983).

Seems like another layer below the Trenton BR!!! But from reading it is spotty.

Funny thing is Shell plans to drill it at the Patterson.....including a horizontal from what I am told.
I heard its 9000 feet down and the lateral is going to be a mile long.

Whoa Trapper...

Which formation is Shell drilling at the Patterson site?  Trenton Black River or the Loysburg Formation?   What county is the Patterson site located in?

Someone says the permit is for loysburgh black river.
This is Little Beaver Twp. Larwrence County.


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