To all you Geology Buffs out there:

What can you tell us about this formation?

Does anyone know of any wells drilled into it anywhere yet?

Where is it and how big of an area does it cover?

How prospective is it thought to be and for what? (gas,oil,ngl)

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Shell's Patterson site is only a few miles from Ohio.

Shell is drilling at the Patterson Pad in Lawrence County,PA.

Looks like they are Loysburg/Black River bound!

How do you know its those strata?

It's on the permit.
I can't say that's going on right now but they have permits. Check out Chris's post in Lawrence County 2013 thread in Lawrence County posts.

Hope yer right and that the TBR or LBR turns out to another great play.

The Trenton-Black River formation is a conventional play that has been productive of oil and gas in southern Michigan and Ontario for many decades.  A gas play developed by Columbia Natural Resources localized in southern tier of NY in last quarter 20th century and '90s in WV (lots of leasing and permitting, only few wells drilled, mainly Columbia).  Very deep along Rome Trough (10-12k ft) in WV, a feature in the basement rocks, requiring big rigs in era prior to Marcellus.  Unfamiliar with events in PA.  I'd expect any company with ex-Columbia hands may have some interest to look see in areas of Rome Trough across PA.  See "Appalachian Rome Trough All Counties" group on GMS

There is a permit for TBR in Harrison County, Ohio right now. The Saddie Well near Jewett.

I'm excited about the tbr. I own property in wetzel and tyler county. Is it under my area?

I remember when they said the utica was to deep and probably over cooked. Well...numerous record setting wells later with pressures that are off the chart they are still hitting monsters. The new well in greene pa is 13k deep. I'm looking forward to see what happens to these deeper wells tbr.
I always try to remind myself to adhere to the axiom of "Don't trust what they SAY , watch what they DO"

LOL, contacted a Pa Geologist and their response was "We never said Utica was over cooked"; so where did we get that idea? Somewhere on my computer is a file showing that Utica was overcooked. Have to look in a backup I guess. Might have been a CHK map?
The Point Pleasant is part of the Utica. Just a Carbonate below a shale. Still in the Utica Formation. Now below that is The Trenton Formation. Seems that might be interesting. Shows 5% TOC and 70% carbonate in some sections. Below that is the Black River formation.
Trenton/Black River wells are conventional wells. Just deep Vertical wells. Now drill horizontal and We shall see. Just DEEP and expensive to drill. Go for the "Cheep" gas first. I always thought Marcellus would fund all the infrastructure. Just thought it would be for "Shallow" plays.

Guess I got that wrong.


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