Last trade was .10 cents. What a wipe out. Carnage. Just a year ago they drilled the "Monster Well"

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I remember Jim Cramer touting MH as the best thing since sliced bread not too long ago.  On-air interviews with Gary Evans, etc.  OOPS.   $0.01 means it's fair game for the penny stock guys.  Now, if it goes to 2/10th of a penny....?

i bought 1000 shares at 3.80. Flushed that down the toilet. I'll never buy small caps again. I got LYNN Also . They say they're next.

I got 20,000 shares at $4.40. Oops

Hope your not like me and sold it.  Last look my $3800 is worth a  full $20. Gotta love the stock market and wonderful 'Muhrican corporations..

There is a funny FACEBOOK site called 

 Jail Gary Evans 

Ralph, I thought you were joking me about the FB site, but it exists and has 35 likes!!  Followers are already talking about a class action suit.   

Very sad the amounts of money people are saying they lost. 

lol maybe Evans could take up acting and join Don Johnson on that new show Blood and Oil.

What a prick. He just went AWOL no news or nothing. Nothing but lies . Pure conman.

Pink sheets here we come

3 cents a share today.


And still not one  word of what is going on by the Company.

No jail for Wall street thieves



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