Received our first royalty check for the Mahoney wasn't even a fraction of what we were told to expect. Maybe they're not pulling to capacity,anyone have a thoughts to share?

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What months were your checks for?  It looks like the Mahoney wells went into production on May 1st.  

Our couple of checks were disappointing, too, as they were just bringing the wells inline. Things got a lot better!   Over the past 3 months we've averaged about $600/acre per month.  Going from about  $630 to $680 to $480 with the last month (June) being the lowest, as now they have the wells choked back - which is good in this environment.

It also depends on your lease percentage, deductions, etc.  We have a 12.5% lease with no deductions.

Things will get better!

Jan congrats! That's some really solid numbers!
Thank you Jan for your info...we are new to this and really appreciate everyone's insight. What well/unit are you in?
Jan, looking at the email they sent us with the break down we were paid for gas in May for both wells and oil in July for both wells. Just wish I understood their "lingo"...still so new but really appreciate your help :)

Mary, we are in 3 units (11 wells) in Millwood Twp., Guernsey County.  We have additional land on Sycamore Rd. in Guernsey County.  We can see the Mahoney Unit from that land.  

Jan, your figure of $480 would be for 11 wells? Not just one well?

Yes.  We get one check for all 11 wells.  That is an average of all wells together, per acre, for that month.

Well that changes things. For 11 wells that doesn't sound very good at all

We have friends with 11 acres in the Mahoney Unit 20% Gross Antero Lease. For their  11 acres they received a whopping $318.00 for one month of production. In my opinion always sell before they drill the well, cuz if you have lousy numbers like we have witnessed your mineral rights are going way down in value.

The Mahoney should be a great unit.  Take a look at the production for the Grissom unit wells next door; fabulous.  If this is the first royalty check for the unit (two wells), it may only represent a few days of production, and the first production is historically low.  Just wait until next month when the next following month's production is paid, and you'll be glad you didn't sell your minerals.

I saw the first royalty check of one of the landowners In the Grissom unit. Not sure if it was for one month or a few  months but all I can say is it wasn't to short of a half mill.  They have a couple hundred acres in the unit I believe   

I really hope you are correct.


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