Any news or update from anyone with eyes on the ground as to the proximity or near completion date of the pipeline connection to the Manziel well pad?

Thank you!


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Could you elaborate what you mean by they stopped all production? It is my understanding that the well was drilled and completed and waiting on pipeline. Don't think there was ever any production to stop?

Jonathan, that is also my understanding. It is drilled and completed and waiting on pipeline, and yes, don't think there is any production running to my knowledge. How could that happen without pipeline, Jesse? I was just wondering if anyone had news about where the pipeline actually is at this point, how many feet/yards/miles away.

Haha nice jesse
Well I just got the joke. I'm a little slow! Hahaha!

There is a gathering pipeline down to the Albaneso Well (on Foundry Hill Road), which is a Producing Well.

Depending on the path that you take to get there, the Manziel Well would be another 1.5 to 2.0 miles of pipe if you tie in to the same gathering pipeline.

You could continue down Foundry Hill road (south of Yellow Creek Church Road) or down McSwiggen Road or cut across several large landowners parcels to cut down on the mileage.

At one point right around when they put the well in place there were markers indicating a proposed pipeline going north up McSwiggen Road and continuing on up Hull Road out to SR164.  I had spoken to one of my neighbors who had DPS Penn stop by and ask for permission to put a pipeline across their property, and they agreed to allow it.  That was before they put in the gathering line to the Albaneso Well.

I suspect they were not able to obtain the pipeline agreements with landowners in time when they were laying the pipe or it would have been connected by now.

Moving product by Rail might be an option if they can negotiate an agreement with a couple of land owners.  Norfolk Southern has tracks 1000-1500 feet from the Manziel well.  Rail traffic has increased on that portion of track.  I can hear the trains blowing their horn several times a day and during the night as well.


I never did thank you for thee update. I appreciate the eyes on detailed report. Not sure what's to expect now with WTI being what it is. Winter always slows things a bit to, no doubt. I haven't been up that way for a few years, but would like to try to make it this summer. Was kinda hoping Manziel would come on line... have to wait and see.


they have not fracked manziel,  10H is only one drilled. I think Seveks only well has been fracked but no pipeline(maybe just drilled. I saw them flaring gas a few days I just assumed they fracked)   Cardinal gas services has leased land going east from sevek to salineville then north up the west side of the train tracks but no sign of starting the gathering line.   The spectra open pipeline should be starting thru the area any day now.

Don C,

With regard to the Spectra OPEN pipeline project, public commentary with the Ohio EPA just closed on November 25th, 2014.  At a public hearing a week earlier it was stated that they were approximately 30 days into a 90 day process.

Reps from Spectra stated at the hearing they are planning on a March 2015 start for construction provided they get all the necessary approvals.

That is a bit longer than "any day now".

I won't question what you say but that is what spectra is telling us. Those that have signed leases are being told that timber is being cleared starting this month

I hope they are paying you for the Timber they cut over and above what they paid you for the right-of-way agreement.

If not will you have time to get bids from Timber buyers for the trees being cut?

Timber prices are up for most species of wood.  Even for less desirable species like Pin Oak. Pin Oak can be used for pallets and for the timbers used in "mats".

Saw mills are having difficulty filling orders for pallets, blocking, wood rail road ties, and for timbers used in "mats" that O&G crews use to get across soft ground with heavy equipment for pipelines and drill pads.

Railroads are under a mandate to replace millions of deteriorating wooden railroad ties.  Couple that with area Pallet mills receiving larger than usual orders for Pallets for this time of year and that the O&G crews tare up or burry the "Mats" so deep in mud they can't be pulled out and reused.

If your timber is the size of a large fist in diameter and greater and you have acres of Timber that need to be removed Pallet Mills would be interested in your Timber.  10" diameter and up can be used for the "Mats". 

Your County Forrester from the Division of Forestry can get you a list of Loggers and Saw Mills in your area that might buy your Timber.

If you have acres of Timber that need to be cut you potentially have thousands ($1000.00+) of dollars worth of Timber being cut.

Our place was clear cut in 99 but I will let the others know that    thanks

Will Mckarns  well reach your place?

Some activity near Briceland but not sure what it was. Heard from a friend. Any surveying markers out that way yet? That is first sign of pipeline. Manziel isnt too far away. But they ars not aligned with each other. Other pipelines here go in a relatively straight line. I am thinking they will wait until spring because payment to use these small roads covered under frost laws is to expensive. Last spring, summer, fall they did two pipelines to Kensington ... Milport and Teegarden both north and east.


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