Does anyone have an idea what the numbers mean in a gas well name?  I'm assuming this is common knowledge, yet I can't find any answers by Googling or searching this message board.  I'm assuming the the number immediately preceding the "H" indicates the number of horizontal legs the well has, but I'm really not sure and Chesapeake uses a series of numbers in their well identifiers.  Any ideas?  Are the other numbers dates possibly? or the well number in a series of wells?  I'm just curious about this.

For example: In the fictional "Halcon 6H 1" well, Halcon is either the main landowner in the unit or where the pad is, has 6 legs and is the first well in the county or just the first well in the state?  Or does the 1 at the end mean something else altogether?

Each O&G company seems to do it a little differently too which adds to my confusion...

Apologies if this has been addressed before and I just couldn't find the answer.




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