Has anybody had a mechanics lien put on their property yet? I know what it is, but what does it mean to me such as: can I sell my property, or would it effect inheritance to my children, will that be another deduction from my royalties? Not happy.  Just got a certified letter. The pipeline company did not pay their bills.

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The ALOV leases don't allow a lien on the property regardless of whose fault it is. You might check your lease, it could require that the lien is paid within 45 days. If it's a CHK lease, I wouldn't worry about it for obvious reasons.

The lien sounds bogus since you have no control over the pipeline company and are not responsible for their bills. Check the Court House Records to see if a lien shows up, it could be a fraudster trying to make some cash. If you do have a lien, I would do some research to find out what you could do to clear it yourself assuming it's not your responsibility to pay the pipeline companies bills.

A valid lien can prevent you from leasing if you aren't leased, or could be paid out of the bonus if you were to lease and the amount you owed was less than the bonus. If you were to sell your property, the lien would be paid first as part of the closing statement.

Assume it's not valid and don't pay it until you know the rules and details. If you need help going after a "Fraudster" I have some legal ways to make them wish they had picked on someone else.

This is my opinion based on my experiences, a lawyer could probably tell you more about the negative effect on your property.

I checked and the lien has been filed at the courthouse.

In some states the lien must be filed within so many weeks after the products are delivered or the services rendered.

This is now happening on some properties in Oxford and Millwood townships.  I would be pissed if this happened to me. It's a Mark West pipeline that their taking a lean on.

Anne you can get protection against that. All these landowners could have done that in their contract but must not have. That's what I'll put in my Enlink contract
6 something if I remember right

This is what I have been able to find out so far:  First of all, I tried to contact our contact person for the pipeline. No response so far. I will continue to pursue that.  Secondly, spoke with my neighbor who spoke with his lawyer. It seems the people who did the reseeding did a very poor job. That is for sure. So the sub-contractor didn't pay them yet. So this just seems to be a step that the seeding company needs to do to sue them. Whatever. However, me and a few other neighbors now have a lien against our properties which in time will be removed, I hope. There is wording in our contract to protect us, but still something we shouldn't have to deal with, just another source of irritation.


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