Were any of you in attendance at the meeting with KWGD on Monday at the PLCC. I was there and was totally surprised by the number of people in attendance. What were your thoughts about the meeting? I found it to be very informative.

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One year to go before our leases run out.

was not Jon, please fill me in....

The KWGD leases with Gulfport will expire in about one year.  It will be interesting to see which ones they renew. 

I did not attend either (didn't know there was a meeting). Can you post a summary of what was discussed? I'm hoping for good news.

Look at the date of the original post...

holy crap....2011  hahahaha thanks Finn

Good to see everyone is still linked to this site. I haven't been on here for awhile and just happened to see a flurry of activity through my email. Ha Ha. I was hoping there was some great news. So anybody know any NEW SCOOP?


Here is an excerpt from Gulfport's earning call:

Jeff S. Grampp - Northland Capital Markets

Sure, will do. And then, on the – I noticed the Utica net acreage was down maybe about 10,000 or so from your last update. So I guess, kind of two-parter, one, just kind of wondering, should we expect some future kind of leakage as you guys maybe led some condensate or kind of non-core stuff expire? And then, on the CapEx side and leasehold dollars, should we expect there that to be a fairly recurring expenditure for the next couple of years as you guys maybe extend or renew some things that you want to retain?

Michael G. Moore - President, Chief Executive Officer & Director

Yeah. I think that's a good (52:34) back in to your questions. That's a good number, I think, to use for the next few years, Jeff, as you think about our renewals and extensions. The 10,000 less acres are oil and condensate expirations quite frankly that we decided not to renew. And then there's a little bit of trading activity where we're maximizing our acreage positions by trading acres back and forth, and there may be cases net-net where you lose a little to gain better acreage. So it's a combination of the two.

It will be interesting to see how far into the condensate window Gulfport renews leases.

I was in the KWGD group.  I got a letter from Gulfport a couple of days ago stated they did not plan on renewing my lease. 13 acres in Valley Twp.  Anyone else get this letter?

I am sorry to hear that.  

Best Philip

Yes I got this letter also center Twp. My parents also Gulfport 5yr to expire have not got the letter.


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