To all of you on this site...I hope your Holidays are joyful and your future is prosperous.  I have enjoyed reading everything on this site for the last 18 months.  I thank you all for you wisdom, your candor and your friendship. 

Merry Chrismas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza and whatever politically correct holiday is being celebrated... HO HO HO and to all Goodnight!!!

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thank you Little Cougar!    merry Christmas to you and all here!


now this may be somebody's idea of a Christmas tree....

Merry Christmas Little Cougar.

I always enjoy your posts.

Hope you have an even better year in 2012 and way , way beyond!!

Sounds like Obama may have signed a gas/oil lease for Christmas....or maybe it just seems like a bonus!

it's tough to save up for Christmas these days...especially when your tax dollars are being spent for you.

I think they have all lost touch with the scandels as it is...maybe he should decide to help the oil companies with Natural gas not solar energy bailout bankruptcies.

my apologies Little cougar...I went looking for a nice Christmas story to put a link here...and when I came across the $4M+ Christmas vacation trip...couldn't help but post it.   Why doesn't he just stay at home for a white christmas at the white house?   all expenses already are paid there for Christmas also (they spent a lot of money on decorations there)...and he could have brought his guests to the house already paid for his room and board.   no...that's thinking conservatively and wisely...and with kindness and thoughts towards our economical times and that his children aught to go without a little million dollar spending spree while some children have no toys for Christmas and their parents are on food stamps in hopes that they can eat Christmas dinner.   You know it is not my habit to gripe...but there comes a time when we are not griping...just asking our President and the first family to use some 'common sense' in their spending habits which btw will definitely come under more scrutiny after Christmas is over for them (and during).   It's enough..we are all in debt...should we all go have a party and charge our cards up for millions of dollars...cause that is what he and his family and his staff are doing.

other than that said....cause I am an American who knows what it means 'made in America'....I wish each of you a very wonderful not only Christmas but a wonderful year in enjoying what we do have and hoping that America will do better this year! are such a devil!!!! : )


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