Information about drilling activity, pipelines, etc. in Millwood Township.

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Proposed well on St Johns and another on Yoker Valley but still trying to put the parcels together & there are some Oxford/Eclipse hold outs blocking it still.

Scott, are the Oxford/Eclipse hold outs because the landowners are refusing to sign addendums to increase the pooling acreage? 

Refusing to extend leases at crappy terms (12.5% royalty & $20 acre)

Good for them.

No Rick these wells are not close to beaver township. They are northwest of $alesville. Close to Putney ridge

Thanks! thanks no to far off though! Eclipse keeps claiming they are drilling for miles now! Who knows??

CHK is setting up the rig now as we speak for the HD McClain wells  Great time of year to be working outside

Would you mind posting photos and updates? 

Yeah im going to try and go up Sunday for pictures and I ll try and keep updates as well 

Thank you, I live in Cleveland and can't get down to my land as often as I would like.


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